KGHypnobirthing @ is as much a philosophy of birth as it is a technique for achieving a satisfying, relaxing, and stress-free birthing. This amazing program teaches you, along with your birthing companion, the art and joy of experiencing birth in a more comfortable manner. You will learn how to call upon your body’s own natural relaxants and thus lessen, or even eliminate, discomfort and the need for medication. When a woman is properly prepared for childbirth and when mind and body are in harmony, nature is free to function in the same well-designed manner that it does with all animal mothers; naturally.
You will be fascinated as you view Hypnobirthing videos, showing labouring mothers, awake, alert and in good humour as they experience the kind of gentle birth that you, too, can know when you are free of the fear that causes pain and tension. Through self-hypnosis i.e. deep relaxation, special breathing, and visualization, Hypnobirthing teaches you to release all prior programming about birth, how to trust your body and work with it, as well as how to free yourself of harmful emotions that lead to pain-causing fear and unyielding muscles.
HypnoBirthing will teach you the art of using your own natural birthing instincts. With Hypnobirthing, you will not be in a trance or a sleep state. You will be aware and fully in control, but profoundly relaxed.
* Eliminates fear, the cause of tension and thus pain through deep relaxation.
* Greatly reduces and often eliminates the need for chemical painkillers and
* Shortens the first phase of labor
* Leaves mother alert, fresh, awake and with energy
* Helps keep oxygen supplied to baby during birthing
* Reduces and often eliminates fatigue during labor
* Empowers parents with techniques to achieve a gentle, calm birth for
themselves and their baby
* Gives the birthing companion an integral role in the birthing
* Embraces the concept of pre-birth parenting
* Teaches breathing techniques that allow a woman to gently breathe her baby
into the world without the violence of hard, physical pushing.

"KGHypnobirthing is a full antenatal training which is simple and profound. Designed to meet the need of every mother to have a gentle satisfying birth for herself and for her baby” Katherine Graves

To learn more contact Gilly Gibbin.

Gilly qualified as a nurse in 1993 and a midwife in 1997. Since then she has worked for 4 hospital trusts within the area, and in all birth settings. Her passion has always been ‘Promoting Normal Birth’. Moreover, Gilly believes many aspects of normal birth can and should be achieved for those women required to birth on the labour ward.

Gilly's professional experience of 20yrs includes: 9 yrs working in a birth Centre, setting up a very successful Hpnobirthing Service within two hospitals. Becoming a Supervisor of Midwives that involved conducting a Hypnobirthing workshop at the 'National Conference for Supervisors of Midwives'. Achieving Birthcentre. Gilly recently retired after working 5 years at St Mary’s Paddington Hospital, Lindo Wing, London, UK.

Gilly has 7 years experience as a Hypnobirthing instructor. Her classes are always relaxed and fun as she relates theory to practice with her many accounts of real life births. She originally taught the American 'Mongan Method' but changed to KGH as it is specifically designed for women in the UK.

Gilly's own natural births, attending the births of her 7 grandchildren and her many years of professional experience caring for birthing women has confirmed her belief that birth is essentially a normal life event for the majority and should not be treated as a medical event.

"In my role as a midwife I have witnessed the many benefits of HypnoBirthing. When a woman truly believes and trusts in normal birth, is free of fear and remains relaxed, she can achieve the calm, gentle, satisfying birth that she deserves and indeed is her birthright." said Gilly Gibbin

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